Tips On Snow Clearing, Mailbox Placement

As we enter the snowy season, it's a good time to remind our residents that there are a few steps you can take to help reduce the amount of snow entering your driveway from City snow-plow operations.

Snow Pocket VisualOur Service Department recommends two things when cleaning your driveway apron: 1) place as much snow as possible on the right side of your driveway as you face the street, away from the direction of the snow plow. 2) make a pocket on the left side of your driveway, so that snow accumulation from the plow will drop into this pocket, and reduce the potential for large quantities of snow being deposited into the drive apron. This will also help to reduce the possibility of mailbox damage if mailboxes are situated on the right side of the driveway, when looking at the street, as recommended. The visual, at right, demonstrates how to correctly implement this technique.

Also, it's a good time to inspect your mailbox to make sure it is structurally sound. Make sure all screws, nails and bolts are secure, and the post is in good condition and securely in the ground. Generally, our snow plows do not hit mailboxes, however, the weight and force of the snow coming off our plows can damage or knock down a mailbox. The City will repair mailboxes, if damaged by City snow-plow operations. If your mailbox is damaged by City snow plowing, contact the Service Department at 440-582-3002. Find more details about snow clearing on our Service Department page.