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Police Chief Keith Tarase
Keith Tarase
Police Chief

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14000 Bennett Road
North Royalton, Ohio 44133
440-237-8686 Dispatch Center
440-582-6216 Police direct line
911 Emergency Response
440-237-2727 Fax
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060619 LogoIt is the mission of the North Royalton Police Department to efficiently provide quality police service to our community by promoting a safe environment through a police-citizen partnership, with an emphasis on mutual trust, integrity, fairness and professionalism.

Police DepartmentThe North Royalton Police Department, under direction of Police Chief Keith Tarase, operates around-the-clock with full time police officers and other support personnel.  In addition, state-certified corrections officers operate the full-service jail facility, offsetting operating costs by contracting with other agencies to house their prisoners.

There are 34 sworn officers including five sergeants in marked vehicles that deter crime by random and directed observation of all areas of the City.  Patrol Officers investigate motor vehicle accidents and crimes, make arrests and transport prisoners, respond to citizen calls for assistance or to check on suspicious or unusual events and enforce traffic laws.
The detective bureau is staffed with four full-time investigators, including a division specifically devoted to juvenile crime investigation and prevention.  In a cooperative effort with the city schools, the police department maintains a School Resource Officer on the premises of the high school/middle school campus to assist with student counseling, truancy, security, traffic and any other issues that arise during the school day.
A traffic division is primarily responsible for traffic law enforcement and safety through the use of motorcycles and minimally marked cars.  They are also involved in teaching safety programs, including third grade seat belt classes and Safety Town.
Police officers in front of the police stationFor tactical operations and large-scale manpower needs, the department turns to the Southwest Enforcement Bureau.  Along with 16 other cities, we participate in intensive training exercises and pool resources and manpower for more efficient use of limited tax money.

Our Animal Control Division is available on a full-time basis for the enforcement of animal-related ordinances, adoptive services for abandoned animals, education for residents of all ages and rehabilitation of wildlife.
Along with the traditional police function, the department plays an active role in many community-oriented programs, including Kindergarten screening and fingerprinting, career days, community events, government classes and drug awareness education for parents and teachers.  The department also has a Reserve Officer program with volunteers that patrol city parks and other areas and assist sworn officers with traffic control and carry out other duties as needed.  The members of the Reserves sponsor local sports teams, underwrite scholarships to local high school students, purchase supplies for Safety Town and D.A.R.E. and make donations to other local organizations and charities.

The North Royalton Police Department prides itself on its responsiveness to the ever-changing needs of its citizens and on the many cooperative efforts undertaken with the community to ensure the safety and security of the residents.  The department actively uses social media platforms to connect with the community and provide emergency notifications and advisories, useful resources and information, as well as a police blotter.  It is a goal of this department to use these platforms to foster two-way communications with the community to better serve them.