Current Construction Projects

Memorial Park All-Purpose Trail
In an ongoing effort to continue to implement the upgrades outlined in our Memorial Park Master Plan, we are working to complete Phase I of an all-purpose walking trail. The first phase will include 1,100 linear feet of new trail around the pond area and the resurfacing of 630 linear feet of existing trail with a goal to create a complete walking loop for the park. Work will commence shortly after Labor Day and is being performed by Ohio Paving & Construction Co., Inc. The entire cost of construction has been funded through state and county grants. 

Bennett Road Pathway
The City is currently in the process of constructing the long-awaited extension of the asphalt pathway on Bennett Road between South Akins Road and Valley Parkway to connect the all-purpose path on Valley Parkway to the existing pathway at South Akins Road, on the west side of the roadway. The latest update as of August 2023 was that the project is going smoothly. The contractor installed five drainage structures, starting at Valley Parkway, and moving north. They have a few more structures to install and would then begin pouring curb through this section. After the curb, drainage and grading are complete in this section, crews will move the work zone further north and continue on. At this point, the contractor should meet their completion date of Oct. 15, 2023. This project is being funded by ODOT from a Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) grant.

York Road Resurfacing between W. Wallings and Sprague Roads
The City, in partnership with NOACA, is currently resurfacing York Road. ODOT is providing 80 percent of the construction costs under the Transportation Improvement Program administered by ODOT. As of Sept. 22, 2023, Chagrin Valley Paving has informed our City Engineer of their anticipated schedule for the week of Sept. 25. That schedule is as follows:
--9/25-9/26: No work
--9/27: Milling Joints for side streets and low driveways
--9/28: Linear Grading
--9/29: Paving the Surface Course

Sprague Road Reconstruction and Widening from W. 130th to York
This Cuyahoga County Project includes the grading, drainage and paving along with the widening of 1.21 miles of Sprague Road. The project includes the installation of curbing, underdrain, closed drainage system, concrete walk, ADA curb ramps, culvert replacement, water main replacement, sanitary pump station replacement, sanitary sewer and other associated improvements.

The latest update as of August 2023 was that work associated with the Sprague Road is currently progressing at a good pace with both roadway paving and sidewalk installation ongoing at the same time. Currently sidewalk and driveway installations are nearly complete between Abbey Road and West 130th Street. Mainline paving of the eastbound curb lane of Sprague Road will be taking place next week. Once that paving is complete, the installation of sidewalk on the north side of Sprague Road between East Linden Drive and York Road will begin.

Beyond the immediate future, landscaping of the mainline Sprague Road areas is scheduled to begin in September and should be completed around November 1st. Besides pavement, sidewalk, and landscaping, additional work to be completed involves the installation of the new Abbey Road/Sprague Road intersection, completion of the sanitary pump station, and some miscellaneous work associated with the bridge over Baldwin Creek near Abbey Road.

We are anticipating that this project will reach substantial completion and be back open to normal two-way traffic by the currently scheduled completion date of December 13, 2023. As always, project progress will be contingent upon us receiving at least normal weather conditions as we progress through late summer and into the fall season. Please note that there will likely be some miscellaneous items of work that will have to be completed next spring including landscaping and concrete/asphalt touch-ups. It is our intent to maintain two-way traffic during that final stage of the project.

We understand that this challenging project has tested the patience of all involved especially the residents who front directly onto Sprague Road and surrounding areas as well. The project was initially scheduled to be competed in September of this year, however, COVID related delays involving material procurement (especially new watermain) back in 2021 delayed the start of our work, with the exception of some tree clearing performed in October, by around 3 months from late August until November of 2021.

We appreciate the understanding of all the nearby residents and motorists who depend on this important throughfare daily. To that end, this office will extend every effort to bring this substantial infrastructure improvement to a successful completion within the quickest possible timeframe.

HOA Basin Maintenance
As a reminder, if your Homeowner's Association is responsible for a stormwater basin, please provide regular maintenance. The dredging of these basins is critical for their performance and the reduction of local flooding.