General Information

Paul F. Marnecheck, President of Council

Dana A. Schroeder, MMC 
Director of Legislative Services 

14600 State Road
North Royalton, Ohio 44133
440-237-0470 Fax

Council Members

POC Marnecheck    

President of Council
Paul Marnecheck

Chair Finance Committee
Vice Chair Streets Committee
Member of Review and Oversight Committee
Member of Planning Commission

Ward 1 Fenos download Ward 3 J Krejci 2020
Ward 1
Jessica Fenos
Chair Storm Water Committee
Vice Chair Building and Building Codes Committee
Member Streets Committee

Ward 2
Linda Barath
Chair Building and Building Codes
Member Finance Committee
Vice Chair Storm Water Committee

Ward 3
Joanne Krejci
Chair Utilities Committee
Vice Chair Safety Committee
Member Building and Building Codes Committee

Ward 4 Dietrich Ward 5 Weimer Ward 6 Wos
Ward 4
Jeremy Dietrich

Chair Review and Oversight Committee
Vice Chair Utilities Committee
Member Safety Committee
Member Recreation Board
Council Pro-Tem
Ward 5
Vincent Weimer

Chair Streets Committee
Vice Chair Review and Oversight
Member Storm Water Committee
Member Board of Zoning Appeals

Ward 6
Mike Wos

Chair Safety Committee
Vice Chair Finance Committee
Member Utilities Committee