Child Car Seat Safety

Did you know?  Proper Installation is Key to Making Car Seats Safe and Effective

Fire's Car Seat SafetyProperly used car seats are the single best means of protecting infants and toddlers in car crashes, yet research shows that four out of five car seats are used incorrectly. When car seats are not secured properly in vehicles, children are placed in seats that are inappropriate for their age and weight, or children are not belted correctly in their seats, it places children at risk of injury or death in a crash. Puzzling directions, a huge variety of seats on the market and a wide array of vehicles and seat belt systems can add up to major confusion for parents.

The North Royalton Fire Department offers certified child car seat checks and installation. Our installers are certified through Safe Kids Worldwide in collaboration with the National Child Passenger Safety Board. Appointments are required and installations generally take up to a half hour.     

You may have the seat installed and ready to check or have one of our certified technicians install it for you. We ask that you have the car seat out of the box and to bring the instructions, along with the car manual instructions with you in case we need to reference them.  Our goal is to not only safely install the car seat for you, but to also teach you how to install the car seat in case you have to transfer the seat from one vehicle to another. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact Kathy at (440) 237-4315 or by email at:

** Please Note: We reserve the right to decline installation if the seat is expired or doesn’t meet the criteria. 

Also note that it is important to register your new car seat so that you can be notified of any recalls. You can either complete the registration card that is included with the car seat and mail it to the manufacturer or there may be a sticker on the car seat that allows you to register online with the car manufacturer.

Recall Service: Periodically, car seats will be recalled by the manufacturer. To find out if your car seat has been recalled, visit this helpful recall link.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: The best resource for car seat requirements, recalls, ratings and more is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Their site includes a wealth of information.

For More Car Seat Safety Tips from our partners at Safe Kids Worldwide: click on the following link.