When Calling a Plumber

There are several choices of plumbers. It’s good idea to get price quotes from more than one (1) plumber so you can compare rates. Keep in mind that most plumbers will charge extra for nights, weekends and holidays. Ask the plumber if his work is guaranteed and for how long. Let the plumber know if you have any large trees over your sanitary service line and any history of sanitary sewer problems. If you have a long sanitary service line (100 feet or more) you need to ask the plumber if his equipment will be adequate to clear the service line, especially if tree roots are involved. The plumber must clean from the house all the way to the sanitary sewer main and from the clean-out going into the house to effectively clean the service line. To effectively clean the sanitary sewer service line, the plumber should use a 4-inch to 6-inch expanding cutting bit. A list of plumbers registered with the City is available at the Building Department, which is located at 11545 Royalton Road, and can be reached at 440-582-3000.