Tips for Reducing Household Sewer Odor

The smell of sewer gas can make you feel a bit sick and uncomfortable, so getting rid of it is a priority. The gases are potentially explosive, and there is also risk of bacterial infection from them. Fixing the problem and removing the smell can be tackled without professional assistance from a plumber – providing it is not a sewer blockage.

PTrapThe “p” trap (example at left) under every sink, tub and floor drain is a water barrier that keeps sewer odors from coming back into your home. Normal use will keep the “p” traps full of water.

Don’t make any plumbing hook-up straight into the house-side sewer. Always install a “p” trap.

Periodically run water through drains that aren’t used as often, such as floor or garage drains or utility sinks. A gallon of water poured into drains will be enough to fill a trap.

If the odor persists please call the Wastewater Department at 440-237-5010 to have a representative visit your home.

After water drains from a sink or tub, the "p" trap remains filled, thus preventing gases from entering your home.