The Drain is Not a Dump

Floor DrainDid you know that cooking grease is one of the major causes of residential sewer main clogs resulting in sewer spills? Cooking grease coats pipelines much like fatty foods clog human arteries. The grease clings to the inside of the pipe, eventually causing blockage, potential sewer spills and backups into your home or business.

Many people are unaware that pouring hot water and detergent down the drain only breaks up grease temporarily. Grease should NEVER be poured down the drain. If small amounts of grease accidently get into your drain, flush with COLD water.

By following a few simple steps, you can prevent costly sewer spills in the future:
  • Pour small amounts of cooking oil (this includes salad dressing, frying oil and bacon fat) into a container suitable for hot grease and dispose of in the garbage - not down the drain.
  • Wipe dishes and pots that are coated with greasy leftovers with a disposable towel prior to washing or placing in the dishwasher.
  • Place fat trimmings from meat in the trash, not in the garbage disposal.
  • Never flush grease down a toilet - this also causes sewer backups.
The removal of grease blockage and clean up associated with sewage spills is very expensive and may result in property damage. Sewage spills also harm the environment.

Thank you for your help in preventing sewer blockages and spills.