Open Burning

open burning webThe City of North Royalton has had a no open burning ordinance for a number of years. Chapter 1620 of our Codified Ordinances was written to adopt State Law and Ohio E.P.A. regulations. This means that the burning of yard refuse, construction debris or any other materials is strictly prohibited. Any individuals who are found to be burning illegally are subject to citations and subsequent fines for violation of this ordinance.

To view Chapter 1620 online, click on the following link for Code of Ordinances. It is a searchable database link where you can key in 1620 and be taken to the Chapter.

In conjunction with the above ordinance, the North Royalton City Council approved Ordinance No. 94-143 in September 1994. This ordinance prohibits the use of all residential incinerators. This means that home incinerators must be taken out of service. Existing incinerators should be disconnected and the fuel source properly capped off. Any person found using an incinerator is in violation of City Codes and is subject to citations and fines.

The purpose of these two ordinances is to improve the air quality for everyone in our community. The smoke that is generated from the burning of trash and waste material is annoying, irritating and poses a health risk to people with respiratory ailments. If you have previously burned these materials, past practice does not entitle you to violate current laws and our neighbor’s right to clean fresh air.

Outdoor cooking fires are allowed by state and local laws, however these fires must use the proper fuel and be appropriately sized for the amount of food being prepared. These fires may be subject to Fire Department investigation if complaints are received.

Ceremonial fires such as bonfires are also allowed under specific conditions. The resident or organization wishing to have such a fire must first submit a CEREMONIAL FIRE PERMIT APPLICATION to the Fire Department at least ten (10) business days in advance of the event. The fire must be contained to an area no larger than 5’ x 5’ is size and cannot burn for more than three (3) hours. Only clean fuel can be used. This means no railroad ties or oil soaked wood pallets, etc. An extinguishing agent such as water must be immediately accessible in sufficient quantity at the site of the fire. If complaints regarding this fire are received, the fire must be extinguished regardless of advance permission.

Please recognize your responsibility, abide by the laws and respect the environment. City officials spend a considerable amount of time and resources trying to resolve smoke or odor complaints and locate violators. Please help us with this issue. It does involve each one of us because it affects the air that we all breathe and share. These ordinances are in place for the health and safety of all our residents. Your cooperation is appreciated.