Firework Safety

FireworksThe State of Ohio has very specific laws regarding the purchasing and use of fireworks. Ohio Fire Code 3743 explicitly states that the use of fireworks in the State of Ohio is prohibited. The only exception is granted to licensed contractors who must obtain a permit to conduct public fireworks displays.

Fireworks can be legally purchased within state limits by individuals over the age of 18 however, the buyer at the time of purchase must sign an affidavit stating that these fireworks will be transported out of the State of Ohio. By state law, no one (other than a licensed contractor with a permit) is allowed the use of common fireworks. Any individual regardless of age found using fireworks is in violation of this state law and is subject to first degree misdemeanor penalties. If legally purchased fireworks are found to be used inside state boundaries, the buyer/user can not only be charged for illegal use but also for perjury for stating other intentions at the time of purchase.

Their danger should not be underestimated. Each year hundreds of injuries are received to unsuspecting individuals. Some are bystanders who are in the proximity but are not using the fireworks themselves. Common sense and sound judgment should dictate your actions. Please be a responsible citizen and leave the pyrotechnic displays to the professionals.