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May 17, 2018 Newsletter

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Important Information from the Police Department



  • Always lock your car, even if leaving for only a short time.
  • Don't leave valuables visible in your car.  Any item can attract attention and tempt thieves to burglarize your vehicle.
  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle.
  • Remind friends and family to remove valuables from their vehicles.
  • If you see someone or something suspicious, call the North Royalton Police at 237-8686.

Lock it where you leave it and
    you'll find it where you left it!

 A friendly reminder from the North Royalton Police Department


Fire Department crews will be out flushing hydrants in Ward 4.  We advise that residents check the water for a rusty color before drinking it, beginning food preparation or doing laundry.  If the water is discolored, run only the cold water for a few minutes until it is clear.  We will be using the City's telephone notification system to alert neighborhoods of pending hydrant flushing.


April 25, 2018
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Looking for something new to do?  Why not stop by the North Royalton Office on Aging and join us for fun and entertainment.  The senior center offers an array of activities such as cards, bingo, crafts, parties and food, as well as speakers on thought-provoking topics for anyone over age 55.

Friday, May 25th at 10:00 am we will be making a Memorial Wreath honoring those who have served and those that we have lost way too soon.  This event is sponsored by "The Pavilion".  We will also celebrate Older American's Month-"Engage at Every Age!" and honor our Senior Center Volunteers.

Broadview Hts. Senior Director, Amy Washabaugh says their Seneca Niagara Casino & Resort trip in late June is a go and they have a few seats left if our North Royalton residents would like to join in this fun trip.  The trip includes a $50 Gaming Bonus, $20 Food Voucher, "Maid of the Mist" tour, "Adventure Theatre" and a trip to the  "Made in America Store".  The approximate cost is $200.00.  Call Amy now at 440-526-4685 for more information.

The office on Aging will be closed on Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and we are located at 13500 Ridge Road in the Deaconess-Perry Senior Apartment Building.  If you have questions or comments, contact Debra Burrows at 440-582-6333.  Look for our calendar on the City's website,, under Aging and Human Services.


2018 Road Supplies and Street Maintenance Program

West Wallings Rd

On Monday, May 14th, Specialized Construction began asphalt pavement repairs on West Wallings Rd between York Rd and Ridge Rd, both east and west bound lanes will be effected.  This project should take about 1 month to complete.

Don't forget to have your trash
by 7:00 a.m.

Help put an end to illegal dumping.  It's a crime against your neighborhood, your property values and your health.  The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Environmental Crimes Task Force works to investigate and prosecute environmental crimes -- particularly open dumping. Learn more.

A Healthy Environment Starts at Home
Many hazardous household products can enter our watershed through improper disposal or even normal use.  When these products are rinsed down a drain inside your house, they travel through the sewers to one of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District's three wastewater treatment plants.  Although the wastewater treatment plants provide a high level of treatment to the wastewater that they receive, the treatment process is not designed to remove all of the substances in these products, which may pass through the treatment plant and reach the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie.  A healthy environment starts at home.  How can you protect your neighbors, family and environment?  The Northeast Ohio Regional  Sewer District offers resources, tips and recipes to help you make your home safer and our Great Lakes greater.  See details.

Properly Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste
Safely dispose of hazardous, poisonous or toxic household products through North Royalton's Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program.  Clean out your garage or basement and drop hazardous waste off at our Recycle Yard, 11545 Royalton Road, on Saturday's 8 am to 3 pm.

What Do I Do With?...School Year Leftovers

The end of the school year means locker clean-outs and lots of paper and waste.  Make sure that any leftover tests, homework, art projects or other mixed paper ends up in a recycling bin.  Also, consider donating gently-used or excess school supplies to an organization in need.  See a list of options.  College move-out?  Donate your unwanted furniture or usable goods.


Yes, recycling rules have changed and less items go in your recycling bin.  Make a difference by reducing the number of single-use items you use or purchase.  We can't recycle our way out of a waste problem.  Learn how to reduce and reuse first.

Click here  for information on schools.


Spring Home and Yard Maintenance

With the arrival of spring comes the responsibility of all homeowners to maintain their homes and property.  North Royalton Codified Ordinance 1464.08 outlines the duties of owners, operators and occupants as it relates to taking care of all aspects of their homes and properties.  Section 660.14 pertains to maintaining weeds and grass.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that their lawn is kept cut including the tree lawn and ditch in front of each property.  Not cutting the grass can be a safety issue by blocking storm water, or line of sight for the motoring public.  Keeping your bushes and trees trimmed especially around doors and windows can deter potential thieves from attempting to break in your home.  Making sure all outside lights are in working condition will also help deter potential criminals.  We also tend to see some residents that store junk vehicles on their property.  Section 660.07 defines “junk motor vehicle”.  All vehicles on your property must have a current registration and be in operable condition.  The administration plans to aggressively address property violations throughout the spring and summer.  Residents taking pride in their homes helps maintain the property value of our neighborhoods and keeps our city looking good.    If you have any questions regarding property maintenance please feel free to contact the Safety Director at 440-237-5759.