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March 22, 2019 Newsletter

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Importance of Property Maintenance
Since we are experiencing nicer than normal weather it's a good time to start planning spring cleaning and maintenance of your home, property and business.  North Royalton has taken a pro-active approach when it comes to the enforcement of our City's Housing and Zoning Codes.  In  particular it is important for residents and business owners to maintain the appearance and structural integrity of their property as well as the trees, grass and landscaping.  Our homes and businesses are some of our biggest financial investments.  It only makes sense to take care of these investments to maintain their value.  Under the North Royalton Codified Ordinance 1464.08 "Duties of Owners, Operators and Occupants" it specifically list the areas that must be maintained in order to be complaint with this ordinance.  This ordinance can be found on the City's website at  If you have areas on your property that are not compliant with this ordinance you may receive a letter advising of a specific violation and a time frame to correct that violation.  Again, the intent is to maintain the Health, Welfare and Safety of all residents within the City.  By taking care of your property you will not only be enhancing the quality of life within the City, you will be maintaining the value in your investment.  Keep in mind any structural improvements you make to your property may require you to obtain proper permits from the building department.  Working together we can keep North Royalton a desirable community to live, work and raise a family in.  Any questions regarding permits, housing or zoning can be directed to the Building Department at 440-582-3000.


MARCH 2019

Royalton Road Widening (W. 130th  Street to York Road)
Work continues on the storm sewer and watermain along the project corridor, mainly between Spruce Run and Abbey Road.  This work should be mostly completed by the end of the month of March, and then the same type of work will continue east of Abbey Road heading east.  Tap-ins for the watermain will be occurring over this same time period.  Earthwork has already begun with the removal of pavement on the south side of the roadway to construct the proposed cross section for the new roadway.  There will be significant cuts and fills occurring.  This is all in preparation to begin paving the eastern portion of the  roadway this year.

The City appreciates your continued patience with the construction on this major project.  We are working with the County and the contractor to help keep a safe travel environment during the project.  With that said, we have been given notice that the contractor has a standing order to restripe the centerline as often as it needs to be to keep the road safe.  Unfortunately, the weather has not always been cooperative.  Weather too cold, or too wet, does not allow the paint to dispense or adhere.  We are working on alternative solutions moving forward.

If you have any concerns, please contact the County at their local field office in North Royalton at (440)628-9229.



With rainy spring weather approaching, now is a good time to remind motorists of a very important law which purpose is to increase the overall traffic and pedestrian safety in North Royalton.
Ohio Revised Code Section 4513.03 requires drivers on Ohio roads to turn on their headlights whenever their windshield wipers are in use due to precipitation.

Though the law has been in effect since 2009, many drivers are not aware of the headlight requirement despite education attempts by the Ohio Department of Transportation and the North Royalton Police Department.  Headlights on draw more attention to cars, whether at an intersection or with oncoming traffic.

Any time you draw additional attention to a vehicle in inclement weather, whether rain or snow, it increases safety for everyone.

The offense is a secondary violation -- similar to the seatbelt law.  Officers may only cite a motorist for not having lights on with wipers when stopped for another violation such as speeding or driving through a red traffic light.

The North Royalton Police Department will research anything that will reduce the number of car crashes and injuries to our residents and motoring public.

A friendly reminder from the North Royalton Police Department

It's Yard Cleanup Season!
March is notoriously unpredictable.  Yards can be covered with snow on the first week and the next week temperatures warm up enough for flower and leaf buds to start showing signs of life.  For most of us, the winter weather has left a mess in our yards.  A good first step to getting your yard in shape for all your summer activities is spring leaf and debris cleanup.  Here's some great tips to make yard clean-up a breeze!

LEAVE THEM! For those who utilize leaves for fertilizer, added them to flower beds or simply didn't make it out in time before the first snow, consider mulching leaves with your lawn mower!  Passing over the leaves with your lawn mower a few times is often enough to shred them into small pieces.

RAKE THEM!  If mulching leaves is not for you or there's a thick layer of leaves built up, rake the leaves and set them at the curb for yard waste collection.  As a reminder, all leaves must be bagged or placed loose in rubbish cans for collection in North Royalton.

What if you have more than leaves in your yard, like tree branches and twigs?  Very large branches need to be cut down and bundled, so they are not longer than 4 ft in length.  All bundles must be tied securely and not weigh more than 60 lbs.  Smaller twigs and debris you are not able to bundle can be placed in paper or plastic bags.  Collection for yard waste is done as part of the trash pick-up on your regular rubbish day.

It's not a secret, our springs start out soggy and wet.  Please remember, only leaves or other debris that fall into your yard should never be put into or near storm drains, ditches, creeks or the river.  Roadside ditches and other stormwater drains are critical elements of our storm sewer system and to prevent flooding they should not be purposefully blocked.  Many leaves and other debris naturally fall into the waterways, but we should be mindful not to upset the natural balance.  Leaf litter is one of the biggest contaminants when it comes to stormwater.  We all need to play our part to collect and reuse or properly dispose of yard waste to keep our waterways clean!


News from your Fire Department

Spring Break is right around the corner and some of you may be traveling.   Take a few minutes to read over the safety tips below.  Some of them are things you may never think of.

Fire Safety at Your Home Away from Home

Peer-to-peer hospitality services, such as Airbnb, Vacation Rentals by Owner and other types of vacation rentals are not regulated in the same way as hotels.  Requirements vary widely across jurisdictions.  Act as your own safety advocate and know before you go.  Be sure the following safety measures are addressed.

  • Working smoke alarms are in every sleeping room.  They are outside each separate sleeping area.  They are on every level of the home.
  • Working smoke alarms are interconnected, if possible.  When one alarm sounds, they all sound.
  • Portable fire extinguishers are in the home and are easy to reach.
  • Working carbon monoxide alarms are outside each separate sleeping area.  They are on every level of the home and in other locations as required by laws, codes, or standards.
  • The owner has posted a floor plan.  It notes all escape routes and exits and provides emergency contact information.
  • Everyone knows the address of the home.
  • Everyone staying in the home has identified two ways out of every room and ow to escape in an emergency.
  • All doors and windows that lead outside are able to be opened.
  • An outside meeting place has been chosen.  It is a safe distance away from the home.
  • Everyone knows how to call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number from a cell phone from outside.
  • If smoking is allowed, a smoking area has been designated and is well away from the structure.  Deep, sturdy ashtrays have been provided.
  • All pathways are free and clear of tripping hazards.
  • Electrical outlets are free from multiple cords and adaptors.
  • The stovetop is clear.  Anything that can catch fire is not near the stovetop, such as curtains and towels.
Window and Door Alert!
Be on the lookout for rooms with tiny windows.  These are too small to serve as a means of escape.  Security bars on doors and windows can trap people in a fire.  Make sure any security bars have quick-release devices.  Tools, keys, or special efforts should not be needed to open them.

Know before you go!
Peer-to-peer hospitality services are not regulated in the same way as hotels.  Requirements vary widely across jurisdictions.  Do your homework before making a reservation.  Check online to see your travel destination's regulations for rental properties.  Ask your host if the property meets the regulations.  Discuss other safety concerns you may have.
Check the forecast in case of storms that could cause power outages; assure the property has equipment (batteries, lanterns, etc.) in the event of a power outage.


March is Nutrition Month, with that being said did you ever wonder where your groceries should be stored.  Hopefully the diagram below will help with figuring out where foods go when you  come home from the grocery store.  If you need more information go to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at

We all had a wonderful time at our St. Patrick's Day Party!  Thank you goes out to many of our wonderful sponsors.  Attorney Marge Karl and Oaks of Brecksville for sponsoring Music Bingo Ohio.  The music sure brought back lots of memories from the past.  The raffle prizes sponsored by The Bridge by Humana, Busch Funeral Home, Danbury, Griswold, Harbor Light Hospice, The Heights, Parkside Villa and Royalton Woods had many going home with big smiles on their faces.  The cupcakes that Pleasant Lake Villa brought topped off the delicious corned beef sandwiches that Mayor Stefanik sponsored.  We thank everyone for celebrating with us but most of all for all the wonderful sponsors who help make this party a success.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

The Office on Aging offers activities for anyone over the age of 55.  You can find our calendar on the website under Aging and Human Services.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and are located at 13500 Ridge Road in the Deaconess-Perry Senior Apartment building (South side entrance).  If you have any questions or comments, contact Judy McLaughlin or Debra Burrows at 440-582-6333.


2019 Road Maintenance Program

Weather permitting, Crossroads Asphalt Recycling will begin road repairs in Bunker Estates Subdivision on the following streets: Greenwood Oval, Greenwood Road, Bunker Ct., Pine Hill Ct., Woodside Drive and Oakwood Lane.  Both lanes of traffic will be effected during this project and it should take about 1 month to complete.

Motorists are encouraged to slow down, pay special attention, use extreme caution and patience when traveling through work zones throughout North Royalton.

Here are some safety tips for traveling in work zones:
  • Pay complete attention!  The most common cause of work zone crashes in inattentive drivers!
  • Orange is your clue!  Pay attention when you see orange signs, barrels, cones and barricades.
  • Obey all speed signs, speed may be reduced for your safety and the safety of the workers.
  • Remember, work zone traffic lanes are often narrow.
  • When possible, move over to give workers more room between them and your vehicle.
  • Expect delays, plan for them and leave early so you can drive safely to your destination.

Look in the April 11th issue of the Royalton Recorder for the NEW 2019 North Royalton Recycling and Trash Service Guide!

You can view it now by clicking the link below.

2019 City of North Royalton Recycling and Trash Service Guidelines click here

Decluttering, Spring Cleaning and Recycling

Spring is here, believe it or not, and for many it's time to start spring cleaning.  Here are some great tips for decluttering and recycling this spring--so you can head right outside at the first sign of warm weather!

Reduce: The first step to a clutter-free home is getting rid of all that stuff you never use.  Go through all the places you're most inclined to toss stuff as you say "I'll deal with this later" and group together the items you haven't used in a while.  Reducing waste and clutter in your home can also include unsubscribing from junk mail lists and credit card offers.

Reuse:  Now you have a pile that you're ready to get rid of, avoid the "throw it away" mentality.  First, go through and see if any of those items could serve a new purpose and possibly save you from buying something else.  Old fabrics can turn into cleaning rags and most papers can be flipped over and used for scratch paper or art paper for the kids.

Donate or Sell:  After you've picked out what you can reuse, there may be plenty of items someone else might need.  This includes kitchen items, clothes, books, magazines, toys and home decor.  If you want to get rid of them ASAP drop them off at a local donation center or utilize our Simple Recycling curbside program.  Check out their website at for acceptable items or more supplies.  You can also try to sell your items online to earn some extra cash.

Recycle: As you're spring cleaning, look around to see how you can better set up for easy recycling.  For instance, is there a place in your bathroom to put recyclables like empty toilet paper rolls, band-aid boxes, and tissue boxes along with empty plastic shampoo, lotion/body wash and mouthwash bottles?

Avoid Waste: While doing spring cleaning try to aim for zero waste.  As a replacement for buying plastic bags for your small trash cans, utilize the leftover plastic bags from the grocery store.  As well as using old t-shirts or washable towels instead of paper towels.

Watch for Community Drives: Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do with certain items that need disposed of properly.  North Royalton offers year-round collection at the Recycle Yard, 11545 Royalton Rd. Saturdays 8 am - 3 pm, for Household Hazardous Waste, Computers & Electronics, and Scrap Metal.  As well as 2 Community Shred Days, the dates for 2019 are April 20th and September 21st from 9 am - Noon at City Hall, 14600 State Rd.  Acceptable items are listed on the 2019 City of North Royalton Recycling and Trash Service Guidelines.  These Special Waste Collections are for North Royalton residents only.

Any questions regarding curbside and drop-off collection services, call the North Royalton Service Department at 440-582-3002.

Click here for Bear Time with the Superintendent