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Apr 27, 2017 Newsletter

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It's Playground Safety Week and here are a few safety tips from our friends at Safe Kid Greater Cleveland.  Take a few minutes and review the following information.

Equipment Maintenance
Making sure all the equipment looks good and works properly is the simplest way to keep children safe at the playground.

*Equipment needs to be free of noticeable gaps and head entrapment spots.
*All broken and missing parts in equipment need to be fixed.
*Equipment should have no protruding objects, like bolts.  These can catch on children's clothing.
*Equipment should be well-maintained.  This means free of rust and broken wood, which can result in splinters.

Age Appropriate Design
Many playground injuries occur when children are playing on equipment that's the wrong size for them.

*Playgrounds should have separate areas for ages 2-5 and 6-12.
*Signage for the different areas needs to be displayed and easy to read.
*Equipment should be designed so children cannot climb on the outside of a structure.
*All platforms need to have guardrails.

Playing at playgrounds allows children to gain independence and interact with other children, but without proper adult supervision, children may get hurt.

*Adults should always be present when children are on equipment.  Children need to always be in view of an adult.
*Adults should be able to see children in crawl spaces, like inside tunnels and underneath platforms.
*Rules regarding behavior should be posted and easy to read.

Falls Surfacing
Nearly 70 percent of playground injuries are related to falls.  The surface flooring at the playground should be a good material and correctly positioned to make sure children do not get hurt if they fall.

*Playground surfaces should be 12" of wood chips,mulch sand or pea gravel.  Mats of safety-tested rubber can also be used.
*The height of the equipment should be eight feet or lower.
*Soft surfaces under equipment need to extend six feet from the equipment, except for slides and swings, which need a wider fall zone.
*Make sure no foreign objects are on the playground.  Objects like glass, bottle caps, needles, trash, etc. increase the risk of injury.

Were you aware that in addition to next Friday, May 5th being Cinco de Mayo, it is also National Hoagie Day?  Pleas consider joining us as we "make our own hoagies" for lunch, for a small fee of course.  We will also be working on our Mother's Day surprise! Shhhhhhhhhh, it's a secret!

Did you know in 2015 Congress passed a law that requires the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to remove Social Security numbers from all Medicare cards? Starting in April 2018, new beneficiaries will be the first to receive this modernized Medicare card.  It is expected to take up to a year for existing beneficiaries to be issued their new modernized card. Why is this information important to me? To help prevent fraud and identity theft! Any time there is a change of this magnitude it increases the chance for potential confusion and we all know that's when scammers like to take advantage. Medicare will NEVER call to verify your information (they already have it) and there is NO COST to you for your new card. If someone does try to contact you, DO NOT give out your information and immediately report it to the Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol at 1-800-488-6070.  Always remember- when in doubt, Don't give it out!

We’ve moved our Presque Isle Casino trip in Erie, PA. to Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Ticket prices remain at $29.00 and includes your bus transportation, snack and the drivers tip. Please make checks payable to GreatDay! Tours. You can sign up at the Office on Aging, 13500 Ridge Road. Check in will be at the North Royalton Senior Center at 7:45 am and we will return at approximately 5:30 pm.  The casino bonus is $25.00. 

We'd love to have you join us.......stop by and pick up our May activities calendar! We’re located at 13500 Ridge Road in the lower level of the Deaconess Perry Center Apartment building (South side entrance). The coffee’s hot, the jokes are corny and the smiles are free! Check us out at under Aging and Human Services, contact Debra Burrows at 440-582-6333. 


Royalton Road WM Replacement – Phase 2:

Plans are currently being finalized to submit to Cleveland Water for approval to replace approximately 1,940 LF of 12” watermain between State Road and Prince Charles Drive along the north side of Royalton Road.  This project is being funded 100% by the CWD and will be out for bid soon.

Cedar Estates Regional Basin:

This project is the last remaining project that the City planned to undertake as part of the $5 million capital project list that began back in 2007/2008.  This project will take approximately 180 days to complete and when completed will help relieve erosion and flooding issues downstream along Baldwin Creek in the Cedar Estates area. 
The project was bid and Council has approved the bid.  Contracts to be finalized next week and work to commence within a week after that.  The trees have already been cleared to make way for this project.  More details to follow.

With the recent rains that have occurred throughout the area this spring, it is important to remember your responsibility as a homeowner to keep all ditches, swales and drainage ways on your property “free and clear”.  Failure to keep these areas unobstructed can result in flooding in areas not intended to flood.  Remove leaves, twigs and garbage from ditches that may obstruct the flow of storm water so that the water can travel along it’s intended path.

The Storm Water crew finished installing the larger culvert pipes on Ridge Road and will be working on Corkwood Drive catch basins the rest of the week.  The asphalt crew has installed three new aprons, one on Wallings Road and two on Sprague Road.  The three aprons we did were from new culvert pipes we replaced last week. The patch crew checked and repaired potholes on Rt. 82 and Sprague Road, also did work on Delsey Drive.

Shred Day was a huge success!  We would like to thank all the residents who came out and participated in the event!  We are excited to say, North Royalton residents shredded and recycled 17,070 pounds of paper!

Don't forget to mark your calendars for our next shred event on Saturday, September 16th, 9 am to noon, North Royalton City Hall, 14600 State Road.

***Just a reminder that all North Royalton property owners will be receiving their brand new free recycling can from Rumpke sometime this week.

Automated recycling will begin the week of May 1st on your regular rubbish and recycling day.*****

If you no longer want your blue recycle bins you can bring them to the Recycle Yard (11545 Royalton Road) on Saturday's from 8 am - 3 pm

2017 North Royalton Recycle Guide and Special Wastes Brochure
click here

Don't forget to have your trash
BY 7:00 AM.

Place your rubbish and recycling at the curb by 7:00 a.m. rain, snow or shine! Routes can change at any time and so can your pickup time.

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Web Design and Animation Class
Graphic Design for Print and Web Production
Coding BootCamp
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Summer Career Camps
June 12-16 and June 19-23 from 8 am -3 pm
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North Royalton Community Meal
April 30th 3 - 5 pm at Royal Redeemer
The menu will include: Ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, tossed salad, bread/butter and dessert.
National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 4 at Noon

Royalton City Green
Pray for America, Please join us

Friends of North Royalton Branch Library Used Book Sale
May 6th from 9:00 am to 4 pm
North Royalton Branch Library located at 5071 Wallings Road
North Royalton Community Band
Free Concert
Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 6 pm.
North Royalton United Methodist Church
13601 Ridge Road-North Royalton
Presented by North Royalton Garden Club
Saturday, May 20th 9 am - 3 pm
North Royalton Christian Church
5100 Royalton Road