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June 23, 2017 Newsletter

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Summer begins on June 21, and summertime is the peak season for thunderstorms in the United States.  Please take a few minutes to review the safety tips below from our partners at Cuyahoga County Office of Emergency Management. 

In an annual coordinated effort with the National Weather Service (NWS), the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness (OCSWA) is promoting June 18-24 as Lightning Safety Awareness Week and encourages all Ohioans to know what to do before, during and after thunderstorms, and to practice severe weather safety and preparedness throughout the summer.

So far this year, according to the NWS, there has been one lightning-strike fatality. Last year, there were 38 lightning fatalities in a total of 17 states, including an 8-year-old boy from Coshocton, Ohio.

Although lightning fatalities in 2016 were above the average of about 30 per year, overall, the reduction in lightning-related deaths has dropped. The NWS attributes this reduction (from about 50 deaths per year) to greater awareness of lightning danger, and people seeking safety when thunderstorms threaten.  

There is no safe place outside when thunderstorms are in the area. If you hear thunder, you are likely within striking distance of the storm. Lightning safety is an inconvenience that can save your life. So, “When thunder roars, go indoors!” Stop outdoor activities and seek safe shelter immediately.

The NWS and the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness (OCSWA) encourage Ohioans to prepare for thunder and lightning storms – and all severe weather events.

If thunder and lightning storms are happening in your area, you should do the following:

  • Listen to current weather reports on local TV or radio stations, or use a battery-operated NOAA Weather Radio.
  • Avoid contact with corded phones and devices, including those plugged into electrical outlets for recharging. Cordless and wireless phones not connected to wall outlets are safe to use.
  • Avoid contact with electrical equipment or cords. If you can do so safely, unplug appliances and other electrical items such as computers, and turn off air conditioners. Power surges from lightning can cause serious damage.
  • Avoid contact with plumbing and water. Do not wash your hands, take a shower. Do not wash dishes or do laundry. Water and plumbing conduct electricity.

If you’re caught outside:

  • Take shelter in a sturdy, substantial building. Avoid isolated sheds or small structures in open areas, such as baseball dugouts.
  • Avoid natural lightning rods such as a tall, isolated tree in an open area. Also avoid hilltops or open fields.
  • Avoid being in or near bodies of water such as the beach, a swimming pool, fishing, or on a boat.
  • Avoid contact with anything metal – tractors, farm equipment, motorcycles, golf carts, golf clubs, and bicycles.
  • If driving during a severe thunderstorm, try to safely exit the roadway and park. Stay in the vehicle and turn on the emergency hazard lights until the heavy rain stops.

To minimize the risk of being struck by lightning, just remember“When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!” and stay indoors until at least 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder or crack of lightning.

For additional information on lightning safety, visit the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness (OCSWA) site or the NWS site at



Don't be a party to teenage drinking.
It's against the law. 
Prom, high school graduation,
and summer vacation are
approaching in the coming
months.  These occasions
can often become a reason
to "party" with alcohol and other drugs.  Teenagers who experiment with alcohol before the age of 15 are four times more likely to become alcohol dependent when they are older than those who wait until age 21.  And alcohol consumption affects brain development during these formative years.  That is why it is critically important to prevent underage drinking.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to join with us in promoting healthy behaviors and safe gatherings.  We are confident that you share our concern for the safety and well-being of the youth in our community.  We ask your support in the following manner:
  • DO NOT allow alcohol or other drugs to be present at home parties, in cars or other places teens gather.
  • DO provide adequate adult supervision at home gatherings.
  • DO call other parents to double-check the plans and be assured that adults will be present and awake at any parties. Additionally, ensure with hosting parents that no drugs or alcohol will be allowed.
Tips to avoid being a party to underage drinking
  • Don't be afraid to be the bad guy.  Taking a tough stand on alcohol use can help youth say no when they are pressured to drink by their friends.
  • Talk with other adults about hosting alcohol-free youth events.  Unity creates a tough, enforceable message.
  • Set a positive example.  If you host a party, always serve alternative non-alcoholic beverages and do not let anyone drink and drive.
  • Stay home if a teen is hosting a party in your home.  Observe the activities and confiscate any alcohol that may be brought by party goers.
  • Report underage drinking to the police immediately.
And remember...It's not worth it!!
Being the "cool parent" could cost you....your home, car, boat, retirement savings.  If you purchase, provide, or pour alcohol for underage drinkers and they or others are injured or die in an accident they cause, or property is damaged, you can be sued!  Your homeowners insurance does not cover liability when the activity is illegal.

For more information, visit
           A friendly reminder from the North Royalton Police Department


Join us Monday, June 26th at noon for “BINGO”. This is a free event and prizes are being sponsored this month by “Royalton Woods”.

*Save the Date” Saturday, July 8th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Once again Discount Drug Mart has given us the privilege to host our annual Salvation Army “Christmas in July” event. We will be selling Krispy Kreme donuts, grilling hot dogs, selling chips and soda all to raise funds for our local Salvation Army Service Unit to help those less fortunate with school clothes and utility disconnects. Our infamous boy scouts are returning to wash your vehicle, donations accepted. Santa is planning on visiting and bringing the Mrs. with him too! So bring those checkbooks, dirty cars and empty bellies and enjoy the morning.

Tickets are now available at the Senior Center for Mayor Stefanik's Annual Luau Picnic! Ticket are limited on a first come first serve and you must be a North Royalton resident to attend.

Check our July calendars are on the web under Aging and Human Services,! They can also be picked up at the Senior Center.


Royalton Road WM Replacement – Phase 2:
Plans are being reviewed by Cleveland Water for approval to replace approximately 1,940 LF of 12” watermain between State Road and Prince Charles Drive along the north side of Royalton Road.  This project is being funded 100% by the CWD and will be out for bid soon.

Cedar Estates Regional Basin:
This project is the last remaining project that the City planned to undertake as part of the $5 million capital project list that began back in 2007/2008.  This project will take approximately 180 days to complete and when completed will help relieve erosion and flooding issues downstream along Baldwin Creek in the Cedar Estates area. Construction has begun (May 9th) and is being undertaken by DiGioia Suburban Excavating (a local contractor).  Currently the topsoil is being stripped from the site to prepare for the mass excavation of the twin basins. Please use caution in this area of York Road between Tilby Road and Sprague Road as trucks are entering and exiting the roadway from the project site on the west side of York Road.

2017 City Road Program:

The road program was publicly bid and the low bid was awarded to Specialized Construction at the Council meeting of June 6th.  Specialized has performed work for the City for many years and we are glad to have them back to perform this year’s program.  Tilby Road will be rehabilitated from York Road to Ridge Road.

Because bids came in extremely under budget, Council has authorized the Mayor to publicly bid rehabilitating Parkdale Drive and Royalhaven Drive immediately.  The Engineering department will be preparing bid documents in the next two weeks.

REMINDER: With the recent rains that have occurred throughout the area, it is important to remember your responsibility as a homeowner to keep all ditches, swales and drainage ways on your property “free and clear”.  Failure to keep these areas unobstructed can result in flooding in areas not intended to flood.  Remove leaves, twigs and garbage from ditches that may obstruct the flow of storm water so that the water can travel along it’s intended path. 

The catch basin crew removed and rebuilt 3 catch basins on Sherwood Lane.  Additionally, they removed and rebuilt one catch basin on Iron Gate.  Crack sealing has resumed and the service department is working on Edgerton Road.




Holiday Schedule
View Rumpke's holiday schedule to see if the following days impact your service: Independence Day: Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Labor Day: Monday, Sept. 4, 2017


Drop off your old varnishes, fertilizers, cleaners, fluorescent bulbs, and other items that can’t go into a landfill at the Recycle Yard, 11545 Royalton Rd.  Collection is year round from 8am to 3pm on Saturdays.  You can bring oil-based paint, but NO LATEX PAINT.  

2017 North Royalton Recycle Guide and Special Wastes Brochure

Don't forget to have your trash

Please remember to set your trash and recycle carts out the evening before or by 7:00 AM on your collection day rain, snow or shine! Routes can change at any time and so can your pickup time. 

Summer Recycling Tips!
For many people, summertime means backyard cookouts, road trips, excursions to parks, outdoor events, company picnics and family reunions.  Unfortunately, larger gatherings, portable meals and increased activity during the warmer months can create more trash and waste in our communities.  These summer recycling tips will help you keep it cleaner and greener with ease by helping you reduce waste at the source.

Make recycling easy for everyone in attendance by placing recycling bins near the trash.  Clearly (and perhaps creatively) label recycling bins with signs that are clearly visible.  Using both words and pictures is a good idea.

Choose reusable party plates, utensils and cups instead of buying single-use disposable plastic ones that can't be recycled.  If you need more that you have on hand, you can usually buy them very inexpensively at thrift, discount and secondhand shops.  After your party, just put them in the dishwasher -- instead of sending them off to the landfill -- and store them in a box until your next event.

If you must use single-use items, opt for fiber-based or compostable cups, plates and utensils.

If you have untouched leftover food, send individual portions home with guests in reusable containers.  Leftover food may even be donated to local hunger centers if it meets certain requirements. These requirements can be found on

PUCO offers tips to prepare for a power outage
COLUMBUS, OH (June 15, 2017) - With summer approaching, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is reminding consumers of important outage preparation information.

While the electric distribution system on Ohio is typically safe and reliable, weather conditions such as thunderstorms and high winds can cause service interruptions.

The PUCO offers these tips for being prepared in the event electric customers experience an outage.

What should I do during a power outage?

All outages  should be immediately reported to your electric company.  This will let the utility company know the location and extent of the outage.  The company must keep a record of all outages.  Most utilities allow you to report outages by phone, online or even mobile apps.

Unplug  all major appliances and electronics, such as computers and televisions, to protect them from a possible power surge when the power comes back on.  By leaving one light on, you will be able to tell when your service is restored.

How can I be prepared year-round?

For practical purposes, every home should have a storm kit.  The following items should be included for unexpected power interruptions.
  • Portable, battery-powered radio
  • Flashlights
  • Extra batteries
  • Manual can opener and bottle opener
  • A supply of non-perishable foods needing little or no cooking (Be sure you pack any special dietary foods, baby food and formula, if needed.)
  • Water stored in clean, non-corrosive, non-breakable, tightly covered containers such as soft drink bottles -- plan for at least two quarts per person per day.
  • Personal hygiene products, sanitary supplies, diapers and first aid supplies
  • Ice chest and ice or frozen ice packs
  • Camp stove or canned heat stove, and fuel for three to five days; or hibachi grill and charcoal
  • If possible, have access to a cellular phone.  Your homes hardwire or cordless telephone my not work without electricity.
Make sure you know how to manually open and close any electric garage doors, security doors or gates.  Have surge protectors on important electrical equipment such as computers, DVD players and televisions.  Be aware that during an outage, gas appliances with electronic ignitions will not work because electricity is needed to ignite the natural gas.  Appliances requiring fans or other electric devices to run (such as central air conditioning units and gas clothes dryers) will not operate.

For additional tips on being prepared during a power outage visit or  For help with utility-related questions or concerns, call the PUCO Call Center at (800) 686-PUCO (7826).

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) i the sole agency charged with regulating public utility service.  The role of the PUCO is to assure all residential, business and industrial consumers have access to adequate, safe and reliable utility services at fair prices while facilitating an environment that provides competitive choices.  Consumers with utility-related questions or concerns can call the PUCO Call Center at (800) 686-PUCO (7826) and speak with a representative.

For additional information, contact: Matt Schilling (614) 466-7750.

Click here  for news update from the district.

Sunday, June 25th
NR Community Meal at St. Albert the Great
Menu will include: Hot Ham and Swiss Sandwich, Baked Beans, Tater Tots, Watermelon and Root Beer Floats

Tuesday, June 27th: Recreation Board meeting 6:00 pm
Thursday, June 29th: BZA meeting 7:00 pm